My Productivity Tools

This is a current itinerary of the tools I'm using and for what purposes.

General Productivity Apps

Bear - Notes

This is one of my favorite apps and at a certain level it can do it all. It handles To Do lists and even collects them in a space for easy reference. But mainly I use it for frictionless note taking.

My daily writing habit revolves around Bear. I wish it had an integration with Grammarly, but besides that and table support I don't want for much. Fast sync across all my devices, Markdown writing, fast search. Highly recommended.

Spark - Email Client

I really like Spark because of how seamlessly it handles multiple email addresses and works across every platform I have. The swipe functionality is great for setting up your work flow. If I swipe long to the right I send the email directly to my Things Inbox.

Things 3 - Task Managment App

Evernote - Filing Cabinet

This is a remnant of an old GTD setup I had years ago. I never really found a great Filing Cabinet since then. I've tried Microsoft's OneNote and a couple others, but still looking. Might try Google Keep sometime.

Other Apps

Calm - Meditation

Development Apps

VS Code - Code Editor

Sequel Pro - SQL DB

Physical Tools

Clear Habits Journal

My daily journal. I write about a page in this each day, hitting a few journaling prompts. I also fill out a line in the front for how I "Worked towards a better future" today. I get to put big X's in the back in the habit tracker.

eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack

Love this backpack. The waterbottle holder is big enough to hold my Nalgene. It's got cushions in the right places and is adaptable for what I'm carrying.

Not an affiliate link.

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