My Values

Evidence based. Believe things when there is evidence to believe them. Change your beliefs when the evidence calls for it.

People over profits. I’d much rather work for a company that values the way it treats people and affects the world over the money it makes.

Build up others. Don’t steal the spotlight, but point it towards friends and colleagues.

Give credit. Everything you do is on the shoulders of giants. If someone inspires you, say so. You’re more of an artist for borrowing from others, not less.

Learn in public. From Swyx: Whenever possible, bring your learning into the light. Reveal your steps, ask questions, share your mistakes, and show your work.

Do things that frighten you. Being scared of failure isn’t a good reason to say no to something. Actors take roles that scare them because they know it’ll force them to grow.

Always grow. You’re an unfinished process. Push yourself to grow in some way every day. Small, consistent growth beats inconsistent spurts.

Be grateful for what you are today. Don’t glorify goals in the distance and wait for happiness. Appreciate what you are and what you have today.

Automate and batch. Save time and money, replicate success, and eliminate tedious busywork. Meal prepping is a great example. Look for opportunities to do something once instead of 30 times.