Hey, I’m Alex Trost, a Front-end Developer from Philadelphia, now living in New Haven. I like solving problems and eliminating repetitive tasks with code. I learned Python and JavaScript to help teachers focus on the kids and let computers stress about the rest.

I worked in a data-intense school and realized I wasn’t nearly as good at parsing the hundreds of data points as a computer would be. So my first summer vacation, I taught myself Python so I could make a Django webapp. My little school of 300 kids and teachers use it to make learning just a bit easier.

I tossed a lot of problems at my web app and wanted to take my learning further, so I got a Google Developer Challenge Scholarship to help me learn JavaScript and frameworks like React. I've worked at GoNation as a Front-End Developer and now work at Green Check Verified as a Software Engineer.

Alex Trost and dog
Me and my dog Milo. I'm on the right.