I'm a Front-End Engineer in New Haven, Connecticut making fast and awesome websites and apps.

I'm always learning and sharing what I've learned. Here are some ways you can find what I've been up to.


I occasionally write articles about programming, teaching, design, productivity, etc.

Check out my latest post, Animating Complex Stock SVGs

CSS Grid Podcast


I co-host a podcast on the intersection Design and Development with my cousin, Elle. We touch on topics like typography, React, freelancing, and more.

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CSS Grid Podcast


I've created a course for Skillshare that teaches all about animating an SVG scene with GreenSock! We cover the basics of SVG, how to set up the scene, and how to use GreenSock to make seamless animations. Out now!

CSS Grid Podcast


Upcoming Talks
CSS Grid Podcast


Sometimes I'll livestream or record videos on programming on Youtube.